Who Am I?

My name is Tegan

I am a mum, a wife, a wishful thinker and a dreamer.

I believe that we can change ourselves for the better, one choice at a time!

I am proof that change is possible!

I grew up in Sydney in a blended family, surrounded with issues like PTSD, borderline schizophrenia, depression and abuse. 

I was never taught or shown how to deal with the things I experienced in a positive and healthy way so instead I internalised a lot of the anger and confusion I was feeling and it translated into an unhealthy mindset, which in turn fuelled some not-so-great decisions.

Once I discovered the power of Coaching, NLP and Conscious-Hypnosis it turned my life around.

Now, through my studies at The Life Coaching College, I am a Certified Level 2 Coach, a Master Practitioner of NLP, a Master Practitioner of Conscious-Hypnosis,Certified MBit Coach and a Certified Speaker & Trainer.

Not only have I learned how to process my own world through filters like gratitude and positivity, but I am also incredibly passionate about sharing what I know with you, so you can take those tools, and so much more, and watch your life blossom into the world you deserve!