Do you focus on only what you DIDN'T get?

 Have you ever found yourself really beating yourself up about something that went wrong?

Or totally obsessing over the things that you didn’t get?

It’s something that we all do at least once, and I have a challenge for you!  

Every emotion is valid!

Do you ever feel like you “shouldn’t” be feeling this way?

Well you have my permission to stop, watch this video to find out why! 

Holding onto your gratitude!

 Have you had trouble holding on to your gratitude?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!

Watch this to get a quick insight into what it’s like for me when I find it tricky to find the positives! 

Choose your own adventure!

 Who remembers “choose your own adventure” books?

I bet you never thought they held any real world wisdom!

Check out this video to see how we can take the lessons we learned and turn them into our very own story book ending 

I (don't) like big BUTS.. pt1

 We’re talking about “buts” tonight, but first...  What are you grateful for this week? 

I (don't) like big BUTS.. pt2

 Do you ever feel like people just aren’t hearing what you’re saying? 

Or worse, like they don’t care?  Chances are there’s a misplaced, misused “but” being thrown around, watch my video to find out how to grab it, hold on to it and make it work for good instead of evil...